Monday, 29 October 2012

Red Green Forum Presents - Au Loong Yu author of 'China's Rise: Strength and Fragility'

China’s Rise - Strength and Fragility is the most penetrating and far-reaching contribution to the literature on the state of the Chinese political economy from 1990 to the present. Au Loong Yu provides the most thorough historical account of the extent and nature of the transformation of the Chinese state into an authoritarian capitalist government that serves the interest of its capitalist class through pillaging the working class and poor majority. This book is essential reading for all readers who seriously and soberly seek to understand and grasp the tangible dynamics Chinese-style capitalism and working class resistance to the despotic system.
Immanuel Ness, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Editor: International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, 1500 to the Present.

This collection of essays on the People’s Republic of China brings a rare and much needed perspective to the ever increasing literature on the rising star of the global economy. Most of the essays are authored by Chinese Marxist critics of the regime in Beijing. This ‘insider’ Marxist perspective translates into a discussion of issues rarely covered in the existing literature, including a special focus on the workers movement. Thus, China is seen not only as part of the ‘globalisation from above’ through its integration in the global capitalist economy, but also as part of the ‘globalisation from below’ that translates into an international convergence of social movements. Very useful.
Gilbert Achcar, Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London)

A collection of lucid and enlightening essays. Au Loong Yu shows the potential of the theory of Karl Marx – not to legitimize existing regimes but as a tool to analyze and criticize capitalist class societies. He leaves no doubt that China has become capitalist to the fullest extent – with the party bureaucracy as the new bourgeoisie. This leads to old and new contradictions, not to the end of history.
Bodo Zeuner, Berlin, professor in political science

A fascinating analysis of contemporary struggles in China situated in a rich theoretical overview of Maoism and class relations, as well as the country's position in the international system. A powerful and provocative challenge to many misconceptions on the Left that deserves to be widely read and debated.
 Adam Hanieh, School of Oriental and African Studies; editorial board member of the journal Historical Materialism.

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